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Were you seriously injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence?

A personal injury is legally defined as harm sustained due to the actions (or failure of action) by another party. It could be willful or negligent, but either way, you’re entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, and loss.

The Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin is a client-centered personal injury law firm in Pueblo, Colorado that specializes in medical malpractice, auto crashes with injuries, wrongful death, and premises liability (slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall).

I gather adequate evidence of your injury to prove the other party’s recklessness or negligence, and can help you get the full compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Law Services

Medical Malpractice

It’s estimated that up to 98,000 Americans die due to medical malpractices every year. What’s more, hundreds of thousands suffer lifelong injuries. There are different forms of medical malpractice including treatment errors, diagnostic errors, and consent issues.

If you or your loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, reach out to me as an experienced personal injury attorney with a track record for positive personal injury outcomes, and learn about your options. Share your personal story with me to learn your options and see if I can help get your rightful compensation.

Auto Crashes

Car crashes caused by reckless drivers can be life-altering for your health and family. I understand that at times you may feel worthless, powerless, less than, useless, less than whole. Finding the right auto crash lawyer who can help you through the process should be a top priority after getting medical help.

I am focused on helping car crash victims get compensation for their medical expenses, psychological trauma, and time off work. I possess the experience, expertise, and resources to negotiate fair settlements. And if your case goes to court, I am an experienced trial attorney who is not afraid to fight aggressively for your rights when necessary.

Premises Liability

The law requires property owners to provide a safe environment for visitors. If they fail to do so, people may suffer injuries due to building code violations, poor construction, slippery walkways, defective electrical wiring, and more.

Injuries due to premises liability can resonate for years to come. Some clients have suffered injury that require long-term care, job loss, and the ability to support their family. Rather than suffer in silence and worry about these long-term effects, get in touch, and let me be your voice during this traumatic time.

I Help You Get Full Compensation for Your Injuries and Loss

The first few days after a personal injury are crucial to your long-term health and viability to claim for damages. Often, the responsible party and insurance companies will act quickly to either shift blame or deny responsibility. You need a dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side to fight on your behalf, even if you’re not fully recovered.

Law Office of Matthew S. Martin, LLC is not like most law firms. As an established Pueblo injury lawyer I have dedicated my life to helping injury victims like you rebuild your life the best way they can with fair compensation.

Why Matthew S. Martin?


Over the past 40+ years of practicing law, I have developed extensive litigation and mitigation skills. I have worked as a DDA, criminal and constitutional defense lawyer, civil rights attorney, and personal injury lawyer.

This gives me the experience and technical know-how to successfully handle a wide range of personal injury cases in Pueblo and Southern CO. I’ve successfully fought and won verdicts or settlements for many personal injury victims in Pueblo and throughout Southern Colorado.

Aggressive Advocacy

Personal injury cases require some degree of aggressiveness that most lawyers don’t possess. You need an aggressive lawyer with an unwavering commitment to fight for your rights. I’ll take on any opponent, even prominent insurance and medical companies.


As a victim of injury due to negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer who always puts your interests first every step of the way. Mine is a virtual, client-centered firm that goes beyond the legal deliverable. 

I also understand that not all cases are the same, and that’s why I develop custom legal strategies to ensure you get compensation in the fastest and most affordable way possible.

Can a Pueblo Injury Attorney Settle a Lawsuit Out of Court?

It’s possible to settle a lawsuit without going to court. As your personal injury lawyer, I act as your voice and handle everything including all the paperwork, correspondence with the other parties, and negotiations.

You’ll have some peace of mind knowing that a top-rated attorney in Colorado is handling your personal injury claim.

If the other party can’t negotiate a fair settlement, I will take the case to court in a personal injury lawsuit, and the jury will get to hear your personal and gripping story of how the injury has altered your life.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best investment you can make after an accident. The right lawyer gets the evidence to prove the defendant’s responsibility for your injury for fair compensation. But how much will it cost you?

Personal injury lawyers provide representation on contingency. This means that you’ll only pay a percentage of your jury award or settlement. You don’t owe your lawyer any money if you don’t win.

Contingency fees are an incentive for lawyers to win cases with merit, and an affordable way for victims to get legal help. 

If you file a lawsuit, you’ll need to pay for court expenses including filing fees, police reports, trial exhibits, medical records, expert witness fees, and court reporters among others.

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