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Obtaining a $600,000 verdict (later reduced by the judge to $150,000, consistent with mandatory governmental immunity caps) from a Pueblo jury against an employee of the Colorado Department of Transportation in a case where the client’s car crashed into the rear of a snowplowon an icy southeastern Colorado highway.
Successfully sued an insurance agent for a major automobile insurance company for falsifying my client’s signature rejecting underinsured motorist coverage for my client. Result: $100,000 settlement for my client.
Successfully sued a major automobile insurance company for breach of contract for denying my client underinsured motoristbenefits. Result: $50,000 judgment after trial against the company and for my client.
Successfully defended a Pueblo chiropractor against powerful high priced insurance company attorneys in a breach of contract case that lasted over three years. The chiropractor’s patient had sued the insurance company for not paying the chiropractor for his treatment of her. The insurance company cross-claimed against my client, asserting that he over-treated his patient. The trial judge ruled in our favor that the insurance company’s managed carecontract was vague and confusing and that my client’s care of his patient was both reasonable and necessary.