The Temporary Demise

The Temporary Demise of ,"Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights, with Matt Martin"

My weekly radio talk show, "Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights, with Matt Martin," a self-described provocative, entertaining and useful talk radio show on the law is at a temporary end. The show was on I25 Talk Radio, 690 AM in Pueblo and 1490 AM in Colorado Springs. The station underwent a change of ownership. The new ownership group immediately and without warning switched format of 690 AM from talk radio to oldies. 1490 AM, however, was not included in the deal. I would like to take the show to internet radio, but I am going to take a break,

and if the urge hits me, I will plan out every aspect of the show to the smallest detail. And, the existence of show, and the business entity inside of which the show is conceived, produced and distributed, will not be at the whim of anyone but me. Stay tuned for news on the show, and for other blogs on legal topics.

Last modified onMonday, 12 March 2018 09:53
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